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Start Small and Think Long-Term: Saving Energy
November 29, 2009
A Year-Long Journey
June 29, 2010

The Bizzarro Agency LLC opened its doors to meet the REAL needs of real estate buyers, sellers and renters in the Hudson Heights, Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of New York City. This boutique firm’s primary focus is treating our clients with honesty and integrity presenting only the truth. The founder and principal broker, Matthew Bizzarro, refuses to have it any other way.

Whether you desire to purchase, rent or sell, this is a very exciting time in your life! We are honored that you are considering our agency. Our specialized firm is prepared and excited to help you begin this next chapter in your life. The home buying process should be memorable, exciting and FUN. It is the job of The Bizzarro Agency LLC to make that happen and to make sure you are happy. We will take the burden off of you from start to finish.

The Bizzarro Agency provides a superior service that large corporate real estate companies can’t: local expertise. Each highly skilled agent is a Hudson Heights, Washington Heights or Inwood expert, no exceptions! Our agents are able to provide clients with precise and accurate knowledge regarding locations and buildings. This is a guarantee. We are locally grown! Organic! This is our competitive advantage!
We are bringing honesty, integrity and neighborhood expertise back to Hudson Heights, Washington Heights and Inwood real estate. The Bizzarro Agency LLC understands that every client has many choices for their real estate needs. That is why we offer the greatest knowledge and expertise while being conscious and courteous of your time. We will 10/25/2017 waste your time. Your time is valuable, therefore we will show you only what fits your needs. We will listen. The real estate market over the years has shifted and many companies have strayed away from giving personal attention to each client in order to gain more clients and close more deals. We are different; we will listen to YOU and find what YOU desire in your home search.

The Bizzarro Agency LLC also realizes the importance of community. Being locally grown we understand the importance of continuing to build and improve the local area. Not only are our agents local experts, they are also community members with a vested interest in seeing these neighborhoods thrive. Please visit our volunteer tab on the home page.
We recognize the need to understand and run a business that is technologically sophisticated in this ever-changing real estate environment. The Bizzarro Agency LLC is the leading real estate agency in Northern Manhattan providing 100% satisfaction and true representation to its clients. The Bizzarro Agency LLC meets the REAL needs of Real Estate.